Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Difference Between Doers and Dreamers

In my experience the difference between dreamers and doers is simply taking action. there are many dreamers who think up great inventions, have ideas for great companies, and grand designs for their lives.

Without taking action a dreamer will never see their ideas come to fruition. Doers not only dream, but they plan and execute their dreams. The doers of the world are the ones who make a difference. You may want to check out my article on Dreamers and doers. Dreamers and Doers, What’s the Difference?

How to Lose Weight - First A Committment

Well, I weighed myself a few days ago and I was just over 200 pounds. I was thinking about how to lose weight and reminded myself that step one was to make a commitment to lose weight. There are those that would tell you that you can simply take our miracle product and the pounds will fall off. Not True.

Losing weight requires reducing calories, cutting back on certain foods and exercising.

To keep the weight off that I lose I will be making my routine a life change. Without doing that I would simply lose weight and slowly put it back on.

I don't drink soft drinks very often. I know I will be stopping myself from eating pizza at night. As I need to make sure I am getting proper nutrition, I will take the 21Ten Life Shotz in the morning, eat a good lunch, and take the 21Ten LSVibe shake for my evening meal. We will be walking most evenings to get the exercise we need.

My goal is to go from 200 pounds to 175 or less before Christmas, and then on to my after Army basic training weight of 155 pounds. That's a big goal, as at the end of Basic training I was in the best shape of my life.

I did sign up as a Brand Rep with 21Ten to get my product wholesale, and to become product of the product.


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Welcome to 2013 - I Have Been Busy

Well it's a new year, but in Washington DC nothing has changed. The president and the Senate are hell bent on destroying the country.

I have been busy. I sold my business in Sarasota, and moved to N Florida. Besides living out of boxes, and having the house in dis-array I am busy starting a new business. The Honest Gold Guy of Chipley, FL is my new endeavor.

Why a gold buying business up in the boonies of N. Florida? As the country deteriorates it seems best to me to be out of the cities. We'll be growing a garden, and raising some chickens. I found a small location right on the main road, and my wife and I are getting it ready. We're expecting to open by Feb 25, 2013.

Friday, November 30, 2012

My Blood Pressure is Dropping

Last week I posted about starting on Proargi9 to deal with my high blood pressure and lack of oxygen. Have been on the product for a week and 1 day. I woke up feeling better this a.m. than I have for a long time. Today, after work my blood pressure was 117 over 74. Lowest I have seen for months.

Here's another guy getting good results.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Solution For High Blood Pressure?

In March of 2004 I had a stroke. It was caused by a combination of high blood pressure and diabetes. Afterwards my doc put me on many medications. After looking up the potential side effects I found alternatives from natural sources for most of them.

I was on a pill for diabetes, but even so could not get my blood sugar below a 250 reading. Then I found out about Barry Sears and the Zone Diet. This helped me get my sugars controlled within a week. then i worked on getting off the diabetes pill.

I was also on a blood pressure pill which I have stayed on. Within a few weeks of the stroke I was having chest pains walking to the mailbox. I was also pretty weak. That's when I started doing intravenous chelation. That's a process where a man made amino acid mix called edta cleans out heavy metals and plaque from the arteries.

I have done this off and on now for 8 years to keep kicking above ground. A week ago I was getting short of breath and needing chelation so I went up and had a treatment. That Monday night I had an episode of chest pain, shortness of breath, and jaw pain. Like I was about to have a heart attack. Tuesday night a repeat experience. Wednesday I was fine. Thursday morning I woke to find shortness of breath, light chest pain, and I was concerned.

I got to work, sat down and remembered Synergy's Proargi9 Plus. I had been a distributor for them a couple years earlier, and foolishly stopped taking the product after a couple weeks. I looked the product up online and watched a few videos. I realized that I need proargi9 so I thought about who might have some locally. I thought about a natural foods store guy who bought most good products regardless of their distribution channel. They had it. I sent my wife for it.

Sure enough after taking it I felt good. took again that evening, and have continued taking morning and evening. No chest pains. No more episodes. As of today I have been taking for 5 days. Yesterday I had planned to go for chelation again, but my wife said: "Why go, the proargi9 seems to be working!" My blood pressure control is good, and no problems. Proargi9 is working, for me.

i found a good guy to sponsor me into Synergy. Here's my link to check out the product:

My link to learn a lot more:


Monday, September 17, 2012

Local Search Requires Patience

I have been doing a lot of website building and local search submission recently. I was building a website for my website building business in my spare time. I didn't get to my own local search submissions for a while, but did get most of them done about a week ago. Got my Bing, Foursquare and Google postcards. Verified them all, but today checking my company name I don't come up on Google maps. It takes time for new listing to populate. Crazy thing is I have some web pages that are ranking high in searches. Being patient is tough for everyone, but more so on your own website.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Gold Is Money and Nothing Else

Suddenly this year Gold is used as currency again. Recently Donald Trump accepted Gold Bullion from Apmex for their deposit on leased office space.

Now JP Morgan accepts gold as insurance against counter party risk.

Many states have passed legal currency laws saying that merchants can accept gold and silver coins for payments. These laws are not complete as they are accepting coins at face value stamped on coins. No way I will give you a silver eagle for a $1.00 payment!

“Gold is money and Nothing else.” -- JP Morgan, Banker, testifying before Congress in 1913 By this he meant that gold always has value. See the Peter Schiff Blog

Central banks across the world are buying up gold and silver, as a hedge against the unthinkable. A Global financial meltdown. This seems more likely day by day.

Here in the U.S. I believe we're in the early part of our Second Great Depression. At least the 23% out of work would agree! See to see the real unemployment numbers.

It is a crying shame that none of the financial data on the Mainstream news channels is true.

What can an ordinary citizen do?

Stock extra food, (with this drought expect food commodities to double) water, buy silver and gold, and keep your nose clean! Remember police departments everywhere are on the prowl for revenue.